Friday, May 29, 2009

The May 30 Post

Sometimes when we start doing something, and do a lot of it...Sometimes when we fall into routine and get to a point where we forget why and what we are doing. I think it is important to have time to regroup, re-balance, re-energize and get re-inspired. So we can continue to head down the path, with the purest and clearest intentions.
Looking back, the first half of the year thus far has been nothing but eventful, filled with trying circumstances, broke times, happy times, high times, moments when I felt like giving up, a rascal of a terrier, good food, late nights, orsomm music, and especially, good company (I love you, all of you) and the list will go on if I do not stop myself.

On May 30, I will turn 21. This year marks not only my becoming of age, it also marks the year of my graduation, my first experience as I delve further into the world of ads and communications. It marks that I have lived and loved, got my heartbroken and unbroken, solved a few life questions, and experimented with a multitude of influences.

For the past years that have simply slipped away, I have met individuals of sorts, I learned the spirit of competition, I discovered friendship, I have been in love, I know loss, I learned what it was like to stand on my own two feet, I looked around and found how important character is, and what is ethical, and I have discovered how living in the moment can make times so much easier. I have felt compassion and anger, love and hatred, jealousy at its worst and empty loneliness, trust and betrayal...and best of all, I ate an assorted array of good food. lol.

*thumbs up*

Days ago, a friend stated to me that, "You know you're getting old when all the hot babes (and doods) that you wanted to pick up are way younger than you are". ouch. True, that. Life can be somewhat comical, and I know that in everything we do, we must never forget fun. For it is fundamental.

This is the year I take (I bet) far more tedious endeavors in life, as it continues to batter me and leave memorable scars. Or should I say, as it continues to mould me into whatever that I will become, come what may.

I am always grateful for what I am...being here in this scorchingly hot room typing this out, surrounded by all the people who care. As I turn 21, I thank noone but my parents, for forever guiding me, lighting the path...and most crucially, for bringing me into this wonderful world.

With all that said, I celebrate this momentus memorial day in honor of myself - former and the later. I celebrate the journey thus far with little to no regrets, and ultimately,

I celebrate life.

Friday, May 15, 2009


During those times, when you find it so tedious, so draining. When you resolve to accept fate, the way it is. When you know that it is pointless proving things otherwise. When you feel like giving up and choosing apathy.

Don't you just want to ball up your fists and shake them at the sky, all that while cursing its every cloud?

I kept waiting for the day to come but I guess it will never do so. I am passionate, I Dream, I Aspire, I Want, I Strive...but when I Do, all I get is a handful of mud. Sometimes, during those times of fruitless endeavors with unlike-minded beings and situations of the sort, I remind myself to do a little perseverance.

"I said it the last time, but this is the last time."

Looks like it will never be. I do believe that in this world, there are people who want, but will never obtain. And others who want, and will be. And then there are those who stumble upon nickles and dimes. Finally, there are bodies who are complacent.

Me? I'm just a little bit autistic.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hasty Now, We've Got An Aeroplane To Catch

Someone better slap me
Before I turn to rust
Before I start to decompose - RHCP

So you've managed to grab hold of him to go shooting balls with, eh?

With hopes of a substantial amount of information exchange, perhaps?
And a charade of emotions and finger-pointing?
Well, too bad honey, you ain't gonna change his mind. Not even with your oh-so-complicated words that have been popping up oh-so-frequently these days ;D You shouldn't have bothered tryin' cause you shoulda been smarter than that. Hoozahh!

The works and wonders of Hippiebot, along with M.J. Parker and Sir Ron Herb Senior will be gaining altitude in no time, so be in the watch, in case the hottboxx hits you between the eyes while you are sleeping (I'm sure it will, eventually. I'm just warning ya.). Phew, at least I can assure myself now that those times spent prancing and frolicking around with the unicorns on Cloud Nine aren't unproductive. Heh.

Such a happy place I'm in. Never in history would I have expected to stumble upon this little alluring piece of treasure, after the multitude of cesspits I have landed in. Plenty of time to watch and join the bees that fly by and yet I do not do it - for I am afraid of their stings. It's about time I take that leap, from this precarious position that I'm in. But then again, lets not speak too soon, shall we? Shut yo mouff when you talkin' to me!