Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6 Months Later...

I do not know where the urge to put out another post came from but here I am, at another work desk, typing as if my life depended on it. It's amazing, how quite a number of things have occurred and didn't in the past 6 months since the last post. How has it been? Mediocre, according to a perspective; quite thrilling, according to Perspective Two. 

Perspective One insists that there could have been more substance, more...magic. 

"Productivity, you mean," said Perspective Two. "Which you did achieve, to some level. You put out two songs - one went viral, released a music video, played a handful of shows, and you quit your job then took on Cambodia. Celebrated your birthday, got back on radio for 4 weeks, chilled out for 3 months and threw all cares to the winds. I'd say that was quite something. Now, you're two months back in on a desk job and you don't really have much to complain about. So, shut up, One!" 

"But a lot of bigger things could have taken place! You were so, very lazy," said Perspective One, always careful, sensible, dissatisfied. 

Perspectives, arguing it all out, all the time. Some fights can be rather entertaining, particularly as the numbers grow. I remember playing witness to the time when Perspectives Two, Six, and Seven had a go at each other...what an interesting day that was. 

I never meant for this post to go in this warped out direction about the perspectives but that's the thing about freewriting, you just let your mind lead your fingers where it wants to go. Sort of like how someone charges up to you as you were having a cup of coffee and exclaims in your face, "You have to listen to this! Hand me your phone, let me search it for you. I believe this can really inspire you!"


And he didn't even know me, really, really know me. Flattering, in a way. Sometimes it feels good to just let things happen on their own accord. We all know, deep down inside that most things naturally fall into and out of place by themselves and for some of these instances, it's nice.