Monday, July 21, 2014

Well hello

Stuck at work, 2015hrs, rereading everything that's been said and done here and doubting my current self of the capabilities I once never knew I had but only now realise in hindsight. You've come a long way, Jo. Time to start treating yourself like a damn adult. 2014 is turning out to be a tentpole year for maturity, it's not even funny anymore. Good, in a way. Stability is always a good albeit boring thing. Only problem is your reluctance in admitting it. Burning questions of "What if"s and "What for"s make their perplexing rounds every once in a while but no matter, so long as you're still ticking. 

Deaths. Let's talk about it (wow, still morbid I see). No, not so much morbid as curious. Read an article about how, if you fall from immensely high altitudes, you could end up on the ground butt-naked. And obviously dead. What a way to go. 

Leaps and bounds better than this slow, painful one.


Edit: On a roll. 2245hrs. Still at work for no solid reason. Ironic that "words" are what's saving and at the same time killing me right now. So much power in words that we take for granted; use them wisely, kids. Fake them too if they'll make others feel better is what I've been telling the part of me who is still yearning to be a little less selfish. See what I told you regarding the tentpole? Never mind me, running on lunch here. God, I want so much to go home and reward me with some good ol' scrub down and then cuddles. Can't afford the latter however, due a multitude of reasons - lethargy and geography being the two main strains. So this is what we've arrived at, eh? 

Still morbid, indeed.