Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy birthday

Hey Luca,

Been a while, a very long while - since we've talked, and since I've updated this space (it's been more than a year? wtf). It's your birthday today, and if you are still alive (I hope you are), well, Happy Birthday, I miss you.  To be honest, I have so much to say yet I couldn't think of anything to say at all. To say and to think that you would still be reading my blog wouldn't make any sense as even I have abandoned it for more than a year. It's a stretch, but perhaps, maybe, someday, you'll see this.

I don't remember exactly when you decided to vanish, but that wasn't very nice of you, to not say a single goodbye to me at all. You're always in my thoughts, regardless. Have a good one. Have many good ones. And hopefully one day we'll sit down to some Kings of Convenience or Massive Attack and talk. And talk. And never stop. You always have the better stories, anyway.