Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sometimes, to some people like me, rejection changes your whole life. That's the thing about us humans that makes us incomparably different to all other beings on this planet. We feel. 

And when I feel, I am reminded to do me a favour and feel; to plunge into the depths of my self and lie in it for a while. It is what draws one being to another - that sinewy, sticky substance that reaches out and pulls people to people. And if that is not beautiful enough, it is also what destroys the own self.

But we destroy to rebuild. We must always feel.

Back to rejection. You don't know how much this matters until you have truly been rejected. But I guess we have all been there before at some point. Then we leave the confines of that cold, cold place. Slowly, resolutely, eventually. Maybe even hopefully, still.

But the truth is this: that place never leaves us. Talons ever-sharp, it latches on to our shoulders and steers us towards where it wants to go. And in time, it becomes our only motivation. It becomes all we know.

Then one day you stop to take a look at yourself, and your eyes, they light up with sudden realization - the person you're staring at that fateful day was born from one place only. A place called Rejection.