Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making Do

If you do not give it much of a thought, it will not even bother you one bit. Hop on and enjoy the ride, I say.

Forgive me if this post daunts you. I haven't had the internet all to myself for 2 weeks now and what better time to spew forth those thoughts than right now, now here? Ah the past week has been surprisingly breezy despite the absence of the WWW. What with the chaotic PD trip and Mr. A-Z and Guitar Hero and good company and the Nay and TH Plantations and Benjamin Button and Mimi Garang and Peepee dog and glorious, glorious food by the Dan Man...who's complaining?

There is something about impromptus and last minute decisions and random shiz that make the happy-o-meter in me a good way, I think. Keeps my mind off things and forces me to enjoy being in the moment of situations. You got lost on the way to Zanzibar? It's all good, might as well take in the view of the present. Forced to sleep in a furnace? It's not that bad, in fact I feel a little breeze on its way. Skate on thin ice? Strive to be careful or suffer the consequences.

Consequences. Damn, how intimidating can a word get? We all know that with random, last minute actions come severe consequences. But whether it is bad or good, it depends on you. Ah, discovery - I now know that things aren't as bad as how you'd make of it. Yay.

But of course, it too has a lot to do with Mr. Luck. I dare say that despite his MIA in countless times of need, he is actually always there if you don't stress it - like looking all over for your pen when it's in your hands, or something similar.

Oh, and Bubba. Yes, allow me to introduce Bubba. Bubba rings synonymous with, say, a friend that drags you down and "degenerates" you mentally and physically, yet you can't bring yourself to shut the doors on him cause he's the only one that could really pacify you and get you thinking all sorts of thoughts that make so much sense (in my case. And I enjoy the company of thoughts) ...but we all know that we will forget them once Bubba leaves. Oh how much I hate-love Bubba for he has been there for me through sleepless nights and ennui - my sanity would be at risk if it weren't for him.

We all make do. Some go to shrinks. Some get distracted. And some just slice open wrists like swiss cheese. Me, well I get busy - in ways that need no pays, for unlike you (yes you) I cannot afford rapid change and be admired for spending my dad's illegal money on aesthetics. Perhaps one day I will pull through. Right now though, I am making do. Watch.