Monday, December 16, 2013


My dear Mita, you have no idea what impact you have made on my life. You were one of the few people I was actually moved to be friends with; I simply had to have you in my life, when I saw you back in college. You were smart, so incredibly smart. And that smile of yours, so contagious. Your presence, soft, silent, but reassuring. And to this very day, how we managed to maintain contact is something I'm highly thankful for. I cannot understand how you - no matter how tired or busy you were - could still make yourself available to me when I'm in need of help at work. I cannot understand how we were only just in the company of each other barely two weeks ago, and now you're gone. You didn't have to leave so sudden and soon, you know? More people like me yearn to have a friend like you in their lives. Words can only do so much, for to fit my feelings into sentences is like trying to take a photograph of the colossal galaxy. I can only try my hardest to understand, that things like this just happen. And they can happen at anytime, to anyone. This time, it hit a little too close to my heart. You will be remembered, forever.

Us, 2011