Sunday, February 15, 2009

♥ Yesterday was Valentine's

Yes, and not Shmelentines. Not Vajayjay Day too. I still don't wanna know what you did.

Forgive me for my apparent outrage of emotions on FB and my chatterific (&etc) - I'm just, well, bitter. hmm. For I never once had a memorable (because they don't deserve to be remembered) V-day and it's been, what, 20 V-days already? Last year's was a royal fuck up and this year is more like a Family Guy day with them KKs (I still LMAO at the frog scene). And the repairmamamamaman ditched us summore. -_-

Man, I have no idea why I had just publicly and carelessly tossed that notion into the frantic streams of Cyberspace. I have this thing about never revealing your deepest fears and vulnerabilities cause they might be used against you blahdiblah and here I am refuting myself. Way to go.

But it's all good now, the legendare's latest blog post and phone call super upped me. On the other hand, coming to terms with the sudden realization that I have indeed submerged approximately 36% of me into the ominous sea of superficiality isn't too easy to swallow. I completely cannot believe that I have allowed myself to do so. Eww. I shall reserve my views about Valentine's because everybody's got their fair 3secs of fame about their critically-acclaimed views and it's just stupidly redundant.

Very often I find myself genuinely compelled to deliver a hefty whack across my head for being so impossibly stupid. For the umpteenth time, since time immemorial, I should start appreciating the little things in life that become so magical in retrospect. As also mentioned sometime ago on a morbid Saturday morning, "I have to STOP and settle for the simple things that make me happy and STOP chasing temporary, illusional, puffy highs". Someone imprint it in my mind please.

I must admit that Bak Kut Teh with you is better than, say, an abyss.

And you, you whom I call my bff, you whom I had my first fight with on Valentine's day cause everybody else was cranky and the Sun was evil, here's to you:
"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"YOU'RE there ♥"

It was a fair V-day nonetheless. And I am still awaiting my doggy speakers and other unknown presents stuck all the way in the greens. Give it up, yo!

Ah love. I sometimes wonder if it is as perennial or perpetual as I've been told it was.

I am suggesting actually that it is our obsession with perfection and permanence in love that is our root cause of our suffering in relationships. I believe that there is a virtue in relinquishing our attachment to perfection and permanence, without compromising the possibility for longevity in our romantic relationships.

- Shinen Wong, fridae