Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinky Niu Year!

This is mummy's year. She be the cow

Take care peeps. Mae is ang pow hunting.
Rich! I will be rich, I tell ya!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

VB, VB, more VB

Blahblahblah you are so self-conscious and you've got your head up high high high in that putrid sky. Every time I am compelled enough to take a peek, you disgust me...and well, I admit, you did me in too. But so what? Like them sucky sticks, I will learn abstinence in days to come. You no rockstar, you betch.

1,2,3,4 Lemme hear you scream if you want some more
Like Aaahh~
Push it push it watch me work it,
I'm perfect!

Wan mor houre. Oh noes, I should go get ready for the VB partay. So excited to be meeting them after so long. Come one, come all, come even ze unwanted, for eet ees 2009 and eet ees time to make merry.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking back,
feeling just a lil bit sentimental...

2 years ago...
Bruto was accidentally, brutally murdered with a hairdryer and buried in a grave dug and shoveled by spoons.
Zomg. If it weren't for the blog, I wouldn't even remember that unfortunate event. Feeling so guilty as I type this.
That was during my hamster-frenzy days. Hah.
And we got Princess (which turned out to be a Prince) on that day itself and it attempted escape 3days after.
Then Baby and Nacho had Mamat, Ah Neh, and Ah Chai approx. 6 months after we got Princess.
And then Baby died...which surprisingly, was my last entry about hamsters.

Nacho went on to a peaceful death after that and Mamat, Ah Neh and Ah Chai never made it to adulthood - they became victims of domestic violence and their home was severely wrecked.

1 year ago...
I was blogging mushrooms

Sooo anyhoos, Chinese New Year is 3 days away and I still haven't done any shopping. I know, wth, what am I going to wear?

Oh well whatevers, I's thinking - I'm going to be meeting people I haven't met for a year, they surely won't be able to tell the old clothes from the new, will they? Save up yaww!

I still have stuff on my wishlist to grab and debts to settle!

And btw, yesterday was fun. Thankies be to Fiona, Jo and Cynthia

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

oh hai ^_^

So yeah, first post. The long-awaited, overdue one I've been talking about.
It's finally here!

I'm so sorry xanga, I really am. You have served me well for the past 779 days (wow) and now I am forced to move on due to your indolent and (sometimes) stress-inducing ways.

Seeing that blogspot is so xanga-unfriendly, try as I might, I couldn't import the posts from my xanga site. Therefore, we shall start afresh and I shall convince myself that it is not that bad.

Alright then I'll leave it here for now. Till next time =D

p/s: Gawd I'm so going to miss xanga's smileys