Thursday, June 16, 2011


They do say that it's all about the momentum. Well, they don't. But whatever. Most often times than not, the trick is to get started and once you do slide off that cliff, all that's left is a momentum, that of a grassy downhill tumble.

Which is where I am at this point, could say that I'm on a roll. Not in acing, but rather in living. Getting busy living, because the meaning to life is to give life a meaning. Doesn't really matter if the goals haven't been achieved, I know they will come. No asking, begging or borrowing, the first step is to BE.

BEING caught up with living - getting up, getting dressed, getting to work, eating, drinking, greeting "good morning, good evening, good night", writing, reading, smiling, laughing - may seem trivial but it is all that matters. I've always been intrigued by idle thoughts, but I've also learned that idle thoughts from an already idle life is septic.

Idle thoughts of idle living vs idle thoughts of busy living. There's the difference right there. Put it simply, it is alright to stop and think, but never alright to dwell. Looking back I wonder how I did it, but with a smirk I tell myself that I'm STILL at it. And I do not plan to stop. With ample snooze time, and a healthy mind to take me anywhere, why not?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Practice

I am 23, but they say age is just a number.

And at 23, I'm ashamed to admit that writing has become insanely alien to me. Try as I might, summoning up a coherent sentence is no longer as easy.

Also at 23, it has dawned upon me that I am H-O-L-L-O-W. I thought I had rediscovered myself back in Bali in the Friday that was, but being back here to the same old routine has once again driven me into ... senseless ennui.

Oh snap out of it Jo Ann you know you're better than this if you could just STOP trying so hard. Always remember that it's all a matter of perspective so strive to look at it from another angle. Yes I am talking to myself but this is completely fine, seeing that self-reflection is as healthy as it gets...unless of course, if it leaves your life stagnant and unchanged. *shudders*

Before I sign myself off from a totally pointless blog post (they all are all the time, I know) I have a confession: I love, hence am addicted to travelling. There's that dream, still waiting to be realised. Which leads to a pressing - possibly pivotal - notion: Could I possibly work something out where I can maintain a certain balance between doing what I love and not dying from it out of sheer inability to sustain doing what I love?

Meh. I'm 23. About time, baby.