Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shadow, friend

He was dreaming again.
He was dreaming that he was brand new. That he wasn’t falling apart. That he had never been disappointed before. That he was nothing but blue shiny sky.
He was dreaming again that his world was one big piece of greatness, and that he had a favourite girl who would always be there for him and never give him hard angry eyes.

Submerged in thoughts, ensconced in armchair.
Sputtering with grief, choking on regrets.

Swimming in a crowded pool, past colonies long linked.
Hand-in-hand in light.
Aware that the unawares, are aware and in truth,
couldn't care, more or less.
Cry she did. Harangued, they sink.

What more can one do, but to avert her eyes.
- soredom, Juyl'10

Monday, July 19, 2010

Throwin' in

some good stuff.

Life is not by choice.
Things happen to you due to your ties and obligations
and you will just have to go where they take you.
Rise to the occasion.
Eventually you become who you are today
- Not by choice -
from your basic foundations programmed into your head
by influential parties.

It's just...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Transparent (in ent)

Herro. Been a while eh?

Well that's simply because I simply had nothing really interesting to blog about. Or that I am lazy. And dismissive, by dismissing my laziness and simply saying that I had nothing really interesting to blog about.


But today, today when I have my hair all bunched up like Chun Li,
and my mood has perked up from a 3-day flu-like nasal sore (which stretched on to affect my throat, although I still sounded rather normal - thank goodness for that),
and had just woken up from a 2-hour nap which gave me a series of 6 afternoonmares (not kidding - I keep a dream book and I assure you, I have the most bizarre dreams you can ever imagine);

Today, when I'm feeling pretty content after having spent a decent week running about like a uni student, fervently bent on getting everything sorted out in arrangement with my recent employment in something sorta like a newsagent department (only that I present, not generate content) in a new segment of my life,

I'm feeling extra diligent. Much to your startlement.

There you have it. That's what's been happening.

Or what's important - Oops!