Sunday, April 19, 2009


this and that.

Yours sincerely have been very ill as of recent and will therefore not bother herself in writing much and feeling guilty for being, well, lazy :P

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The first hurdle is finally over and done with.
I shall spend the week ahead in silent peaceful revelry, yes I shall.

Semester 5 so far has been one helluvah orrsomm one. Minimum drama (close to none), refreshing, and all the while being loved by not one, but many. Lecturers have been awfully unawful I sometimes wonder if I'm just clever. (jokes, bah. Ish ish ish). Bubba has been so terribly nice, despite me having to reject him several times due to (ahem) responsibilities. In fact, he's with me now as I type. Very rare of him to visit at this hour of the day though. I truly appreciate his company all the same mmhmm.

For once since a very long while, the house is so...tranquil. Them 2 rascals ran about too much now they're chilling just as I am. No random visits, no namegame, no soulcalibur, no food, no musiq, no tralalalala. Heck, I don't even care if I am making sense, for sense is making me ghey. I am but like a floaty hovery poppy bubble now and I laik it ♥

So, should I go to Malacca this weekend with AhAhRon and the Vanaynay? It's Easter :) We plan to skip the church thing and walk around like lost travellers instead. Nais? Or should I just go back to mom and do the REAL silent, peaceful revelry - with a touch of family? Hmm? Or should I just go to PENANG? Alone? That is one thing I've yet to try. Le sigh. Decisions, decisions. Annoying.

Speaking of going places,


FREEDOM 09!!!!

AHMAGAAAAADDDDDD someone stone me! (hardeeharhar)
I be the big 21 this year.

21 = Freedom 09.
21 = Graduation.
21 = Multiple celebrations yes yes YESSSS.

So everyone,
I sincerely and courteously invite
Dowan? Nvm, we celebrate after Freedom. Dinner, yes? And BBQ?

Btw, here's my Earth Hour a.k.a BBQ Q (late, so what?):

Candles <3

Jude Undercover

Vince No Cover

And Tya's birthday @ Republic

Cool dood

And zis is my cow. I laik my cow.

My cow.

And zis are random double yoo tee effs:

Yellow...dead yellow

Dog Food

Happy happy happy happy happy happy.
Oh Izzi's got a flower in her mouth. 0_O
ahahhahaa ok I'm going back to my Bubba.
Love love.